Manufacturing and International Trade Update – February 2021

Key Highlights:

  • Manufacturing is recovering incrementally, albeit pandemic management is still the main obstacle and determine future growth.
  • The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiates independent vaccination program with thousands of businesses, though employees are at risk of carrying the cost.
  • The high growth mining export shows a promising recovery of the Indonesian mining industry.
  • The implementation of monetary and fiscal instruments on a passenger vehicle is set to drives growth, yet the increase in consumption is likely to be premature.
  • The newly confirmed Director-General of WTO, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, in hope to reduce trade barriers for COVID-19 pandemic management and improve the dispute settlement system in a near future.
  • After deciding to build a manufacturing plant in India, Tesla ended the rumor to invest in Indonesia, justifying ESG and human resources are still the primary concerns.

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Center of Industry, Trade and Investment

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